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Buy a box of GUSblocks online for $89 + shipping and handling.

GUSblocks are hand made in GUS’s garage from recycled hardwoods including maple, cherry, mahogany, mesquite, and other woods as they become available.

GUS, or Great Uncle Steve as he is known by his 24 great nieces and nephews started making these blocks as an alternative to modern electronic toys to stimulate his niece’s and nephew’s creativity and develop their hand/eye coordination and balance.

To be safe for young children to handle, each block is hand sanded to a smooth natural wood finish without any chemical stains, or finishes. The box containing the blocks is designed to help parents easily see if all the blocks have been picked up when playtime is over.

Children (and adults) have spent hours creating all kinds of structures while gaining spatial relationships and learning the foundational “building blocks” of geometry and math.

GUSblocks are a handsome addition to any home and will surely provide years of fun for children of all ages.